Image by Ryan Noreiks

Image by Ryan Noreiks


When the young Romano Levi inherited his fathers' Piedmontese distillery at the age of 16, he took the only option seemingly available to him and began working as a self-taught distiller. Romano, in stepping into his father's large shoes, continued a long family tradition of producing the Levi family’s grappa. Today, we owe an awful lot to the knowledge, determination and downright guts of the revered Romano Levi who, among a portfolio of highly sort after grappa’s available in small quantities worldwide today, is responsible for the Grappa Of The Wild Woman In Love With Moscato D’Asti.

Distilled from bunches of the richest DOCG Moscato d’Asti grapes grown in the Langhe region of northern Italy, this unique and remarkably balanced grappa has a distinctly harmonious and persistent aftertaste. Floral, fruity and exotic, the wild woman heralded by this signature spirit must have been one enticing and wholly intriguing lady to have inspired such a full-bodied and downright sexy spirit. 

The Grappa Of The Wild Woman In Love With Moscato D’Asti, like all the Romani Levi products, is highly sought after these days and we are stoked to stock it here at Spirit People. With it’s label - lifelong artworks inspired by Romano’s fascination with the “wild women” who tended the vines around his home village of Nieve - elevating the products highly sort after appeal, we'd suggest you get your hands on a bottle today to experience the intense pleasure in sipping a glass of this unrivalled grappa after a meal with some delicious dark chocolate on the side.

Romano Levi Grappa di Moscato 2014-2015
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