The latest addition to our range is a recipe from the mind and hands of Frederik Plum, and is produced in tiny batches at Denmark’s Trolden Distillery and its cult status precedes it. Needless to say, we are very excited to add a limited number of Røgbjørnen (Smoky Bear) Vodka bottles to our online store to go with it's cousin The Clumsy Bear.

Røgbjørnen Vodka is full of malt character and has a strong smoke imprint on first opening. This fades slowly, due to the smoke's volatile character, leaving notes of fresh bread, creme brûlée, and white pepper. We recently added its malty character to a cocktail (Smoke On The Orchard) for an extra special kick that sent the clear fruit notes of that cocktail soaring through the heights of peaty goodness. This is a spirit that throws you straight into the deep end from the first sip and then beautifully mellows in mouthfeel leaving you wandering a path of wonderfully unique flavour sensations. 

The smokey mezcalesque Røgbjørnen Vodka is produced in limited batches from 100% peated barley. Its boutique scale of production ensures a vodka reminiscent of those made in Russia pre-1917 and, like its traditional counterparts, is beautifully enjoyed neat, chilled, over ice.

Then again…for an absolute game changer, try adding it to a Smoky Martini or Smoky Mary for a cocktail variant worthy of the gods. Give it a try today!

Røgbjørnen (Smokey Bear) Vodka

Packed with a smokey punch we are delighted to introduce the Røgbjørnen (Smokey Bear) Vodka to our shop for that perfect addition to all your smokey cocktail needs. 

This vodka is handmade in Copenhagen’s Trolden Distillery and contains 100% smoked barley malt (no grains).  

Inspired by the Mexico’s mezcal and Japan’s smoke-sochu, this derivative is referred to as ‘Nordic Mezcal’ in Russia and, now finally hitting Australian shores, is limited and a must have addition to any smoked spirit aficionado.

Enjoy neat or add it to your Martini or Bloody Mary for that extra kick. 

40% | 500ml

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